Birthday jokes-Funny Happy Birthday Jokes

Sometimes birthdays are very funny because we make them funny with our dance and our jokes.
If your friend's birthday is coming and you want to send him some funny birthday jokes, 

Then below we have given some of your best birthday jokes, you will definitely like them. Thank you.

Birthday jokes- Funny Birthday jokes

Funny Happy Birthday Jokes-Birthday Memes

1. My friend gave me a book called 'Road-Kill Recipes' for my birthday. I did come across some roadkill the other day and cooked it according to one recipe, which was delicious. I'm just not sure what to do with the bike.

2. What did the handless boy get for his birthday?

I'm not sure. He has not yet opened it.

3. Now for a story: One of the 500 bricks on a plane falls off. How many are there left? 499.

What are the three steps to putting an elephant in the fridge? Open the fridge, place the elephant inside, and close the fridge.

What are the four steps to putting a giraffe in the refrigerator? Open the fridge, take out the elephant, replace it with the giraffe, and close it.

The lion king is celebrating his birthday. Except for one, all of the animals attend; who is it? Giraffe, he's in the refrigerator.

Sally wishes to travel across an alligator-infested river. There is no bridge, and the only way for her to cross is to swim. How does she swim across safely? The alligators were present at the birthday celebration.

Sally dies in any case. How? A flying brick struck her in the head.

4. My greeting: Happy birthday! I've got a Rubix cube for you! Friend: I despise you. Me: why? I'm colorblind, my friend says.

Birthday jokes- Funny Birthday jokes

5. My friend gave me sugar for my birthday, she thought it was cheap I thought it was pretty sweet

6. What did Jenny get for her birthday after a car accident

An amputation

7. People often ask me what their worst day of the year is. Person 1: The first day of school, because I despise going to school.

Person 2: Valentine's Day because it's all about love.

Me: nice, it's my birthday because that's when I was born.

8. For my blind friend's birthday, I gave him a cheese grater. He returned a week later, saying it was the most violent book he'd ever read.

9. For my daughter's birthday, I bought her a refrigerator. I'm looking forward to seeing her face light up when she opens it.

Birthday jokes- Funny Birthday jokes

10. For my son's birthday, I bought him a trampoline. The ungrateful boy sat the entire time in his wheelchair.

11. Why did Johnny not like the audiobook he got for his birthday?

Johnny was deaf.

12. For his birthday, I gave him a cheese grater. The following week, he told me it was the most violent book he'd ever read.

13. What does a clam do on his birthday? He shellabrates!

14. What was the deal with the birthday cake being as hard as a rock? It was marble cake, after all!

15. Puns: I have a friend whose birthday is on September 11th. They're going to have an explosive party, that will definitely blow you away. It's gonna be the bomb, and a blast too!

Birthday jokes- Funny Birthday jokes

16. My friends were bothering me at my birthday party, so I decided to scare them by popping a balloon.

Perhaps taking a hot air balloon ride wasn't the best idea.

17. Why did the guy's birthday party stink?

Because he was turning farty!

18. What did Hitler give he's niece for her birthday A. An easy bake oven

Birthday jokes- Funny Birthday jokes

19. I went to the principal's office because I had given him an ear pod to deaf boy for his birthday.

20. Once upon a time, there was a magician named Daniel. He usually did gigs for children and this time he was working at a kid's birthday party. 

He walked in and said "Hi boys and girls, my name is Daniel." He performed multiple tricks, each one amazing the children. Then, he said "And for my final trick; I will disappear!" 

He lifted up a blanket and when it fell down he was gone. Then, the birthday boy said "Hey, he's like my dad." 

"Really" asked a little girl? "I guessed?" he said back, "My dad wasn't a magician, but he disappeared. I haven't seen him since...."

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