Read Funny Plumber Jokes That Make You Laugh

Plumber jokes- While working as a plumber, one must undoubtedly employ a healthy sense of humor. However, are they able to deal with leakage, sewage, waste, small spaces, and uncomfortable body positions while trying to fix a leak or unclog something that is vital to your everyday life?

Most likely, the cheerfulness of these valued employees inspires our admiration and, of course, a variety of funny plumber jokes. So, are you ready to look at these funny jokes that we've compiled?

Plumber jokes

Funny Plumber jokes 

1. What do plumbers and teachers have in common?

They both gotta deal with little crap all day.

2. From Professor Plumber - Today you come with me to my college
Plumber - Why sir, is there any leakage problem in the college.
Professor yes in our college every year the paper gets leaked and I want to know from where it gets leaked.

Plumber jokes

3. "When I got home last night, what did I find under the bed? A pipe."

"I believe my wife is having an affair with an electrician," the second says. "When I got home last night, what did I find under the bed? "A fuse box."

"I believe my wife is having an affair with a horse," the third man claims.

The others are stunned and perplexed.

"How can you tell?" they inquire.

"Because," the third man responds, "I went home last night, and what did I find under the bed? "He's a jockey."

4. His friend inquired as to what they did for a living. According to the father, the older two are doctors and the younger two are lawyers. When the friend inquired about the middle son, the father replied, "Oh, he's a plumber. Someone had to pay for everyone else's education."

Plumber jokes

5. When a doctor heard a strange noise coming from his water heater, he called a plumber.

After a few moments of silence, the plumber took out a hammer and gave it two light taps.

"It's fixed," he declares, handing the doctor an invoice.

"$150?" screams the doctor. You were here for 10 minutes, which equals $900 per hour. I'm a doctor, and I only get one-third of that."

"Yeah, that's all I made when I was a doctor, too," the plumber said.

6. What vegetables do plumbers hate?


7. What do plumbers and economists have in common?

They both deal with gross domestic product.

Plumber jokes

8. Why was the plumber tired after a day's work?

Because the work had been too draining!

9. What happens when Chuck Norris decides to become a plumber?

The toilet repairs itself!

10. What's a plumber's favorite holiday?

Sink-o de mayo.

11. What types of movies do teenage plumbers enjoy watching?

They enjoy watching comedies about plumbers!

12. What is the most serious plumbing problem that Eskimos face in their igloos?

They are dealing with frozen pipes!

Plumber jokes

13. What do a plumber and a bodybuilder have in common?

They both enjoy pumping irons!

14. What prompted the three plumbers to enter a restaurant?

This was due to the presence of a hazard sign!

15. Plumbers have a keen sense for selecting the best tea. They are always drawn to the first flush!

16. I just decided to try and become a plumber after watching a lot of porn movies, but it's not what I expected.

Plumber jokes

17. What musical instrument are plumbers capable of playing?

Plumbers are excellent pipe players!

18. What does a plumber say in a library?

"Pipe Down!"

19. Plumber sir, your tap got fixed, charge 800 rupees. Engineer, I don't even have that much fee for one hour.

Plumber Sir, when I was an engineer, I also did not have this much fee.

20. Why did people find the new plumber so friendly?

The new plumber always went with the flow!

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